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Vale Lint Setup

Vale Prose Linting With sphinx up and running, the next step is getting the prose linter setup and configured.

Vim as Python IDE

Vim setup: The never-ending story Joy! I’ve gotten my Python virtual environment set up, installed Flake8() and managed to trouble-shoot a problem with the Syntastic auto-running of Flake8() on save.

Where I'm at

It’s been a full few days The Educative OOP course is almost done.

Implementing A Child Class

A Banking Class Example Following the tutorials in Educative I wrote my first class with inheritance.

Terminal Tweaks

Time to Tweak the Terminal Having played around with and gotten some comfort level with Vim with VS Code, I feel it’s time to start exploring using Vim from the terminal.

Taking Stock

Vim Update I’m feeling more comfortable using Vim these last few days, although I admit the arrow keys are getting too much attention.

Vim Commands

Too Many Vim Commands Getting back into Vim again and decided this time to take it slower and get the basics well in place before I try and incorporate too many commands.