Sometimes it takes more than Motivation#

Lessons learned:

It’s so easy to fall out of practice#

A short break, to catch up on some reading, a delve into some other interests and lo-and-behold I felt almost back at stage one when I tried to do a Leetcode exercise

At first there was a total stupefaction of linked lists and vim shortcuts. It took some time but I wrote it. Riding a bicycle it is not. It worked, I added a tick to my calendar, that felt good.

It’s often hard to find the reason to get back into the coding seat.#

There’s been a lot going on, it seems the outside world is intent on intruding. So be it, the dice has been rolled and now it’s back again to moving forward step by step. This is requiring a certain element of faith in the process and also the idea of being gentle on myself. The focus is on the next step not the previous stumbles.

Questioning the value of each step#

As opposed to weighing up and trying to determine if each next step is the best one, I’ve come back instead to my previous goal of completing the Roadmap I started out on.

After organizing the folder structure and moving the solutions and projects to their prospective folders, I tackled a Leetcode problem. One down.

One closer.

Trying to decide too quickly#

My struggles with DataQuest project was based on me deciding too early that it wasn’t my thing. But that’s not a fair assessment, for me or for the field of Data Science. It’s simply too early to tell. So I’m stepping back, working on one aspect at a time and will return to complete it once I’m done with the Roadmap. I think this is the best I can offer myself given the time and energy I have to dedicate at present.

The wish for a few weeks off to dedicate hours upon endless hours to the study and mastery of Phyton is for me a trap. I prefer the ordered structure of employment. It eases the need to self-manage my time completely and certainly eases the financial burden.

Once again it’s back to what I started, and the possibility of Upwork or other freelance jobs will have to wait until I feel more at ease and more practiced with Python.

So I’m back at it, looking forward to learning a few new things this week and weekend, and also looking forward to relearning and rediscovering my vim setup.