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Last updated: Sep 11, 2022

Critique Wheel C#

A quick look at the Critique Wheel

Raison d’être o el porque

I built and deployed the Beta version of the critique wheel site in response to a need for the fiction writers in my writing groups to get faster and more actionable critiques on their short stories.

From my Github records, I added the .gitignore on 15 May 2021, so I consider that the start date of the project.

Razor Pages, MySQL

The wheel is build on .Net 5 framework using Razor pages, running off a MySQL database. I cobbled it together over a period of months. It’s been a good Beta.

A little Ajax

I’m most proud of the seamless autosave of draft critiques as they are written. This uses an ajax call every few seconds. This took me a long time to get right.


The wheel uses Microsoft’s built-in Identityframework to manage authorization and authentication, which I’m unhappy with. While it was relatively easy to implement it’s been a real pain to try and optimize. Logins are as slow as Monday mornings.

Look and feel

The site looks great, thanks to a html theme I bought. When I finished the site, I discovered Tim Corey’s excellent youtube channel and courses. That’s when I realized I could and should rebuild a better wheel.) and customized for the site. After C#, I foolishly thought CSS would be easier. This was not the case. It’s working thanks to Kevin Powell’s CSS tutorials here.

Version 1.0

The next iteration is planned to run on Blazor pages, continue to use MySQL (although I am toying with the NoSQL MongDB).

The user management system will use Azure B2C, although their login will require some fine tuning.

I’ll tag any future #critiquewheel posts as such.

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