Okay so that’s better.#

A simpler approach worked. I got playing with a copy of my primary *.html pages in the theme layout folder. I followed the advice to create a subfolder with the same name as my section.

I copied in my files and then altered them there. Also I added a _index.md to my section folder in the content folder.

These tweaks allowed me to alter the site title, adding a link to the section homepage as an additional text in the original title. I like this.

The file duplications allowed me to add the option to show menus, and breadcrumbs only in this section should I wish. I don’t think I’ll need them just yet.

I have experimented with series, for example this and the previous two hugo theme related posts are part of the same series, but I don’t know yet how to display or paginate through a series.

More on that later.

Right now it’s back to python and leetCode. I found a svg path for the leetCode icon, so that’s added to footer.