The last week#

It’s been a strange week. My regular job has dwindled to a minimum and with the extra time comes extra worry about income. Instead of focusing too much on the concerns, I decided to focus more on my studies, but motivation and worry and closely linked.


At this point I’ve fallen behind my original plans of one leetcode problem a day, seven days a week. There are a few which I feel I could do, but others that I know I have some serious study to do in order to attempt. (My list of problems to solve is based on this excellent roadmap by Utsav.)

My expectations were overly high, on my ability to multi-task across multiple courses, topics, and focuses. So instead, I’m planning to get back up to date and reduce my planning to six a week. If I over-achieve then great, but six a week will still bring me in at just over fifty problems by the end of this month.

Data Science#

The Data Science course I’m doing in DataQuest has taught me a lot. I’m more comfortable with Jupyter notebooks, and almost have the first project ready for addition to my data_projects github repository.

Educative - Python For Programmers#

The Python for Programmers path is done. Quiet good with the exception of the final module perhaps. It wasn’t really my style of teaching, more of an info dump, I felt.The next path I’m not sure about yet. I’m considering the following:

  1. From Python to Numpy
  2. Python for Scientists and Engineers
  3. Matplotlib for Python: Visually Represent Data with Plots
  4. Applied Machine Learning: Industry Case Study with TensorFlow
  5. Data Analysis & Processing with Pandas


For Upwork I’m seeing a demand for Django developers and while it’s tempting to jump into some further study of Django I need to hold off until I am more at ease with the depths of the DataQuest course. In particular I want to fully understand and have practiced Numpy, Pandas, and Mathplotlib, to name only three.

Key Take-away#

  • Getting back into the rhythms with Leetcode

  • Continuing to develop data science skills

  • Sharing projects on my GitHub as they are completed

  • Hold off on Educative next step until I have more clarity where the Data Science is going.

  • Measurable: 50 Leetcode problems by end of July, Complete Data Analysis and Visualization with Python path on DataQuest by end of July, and publish 4 projects on github.