time 01.05am

Some notes on the process as I’m working through it.

Why? I have a Django with PostgreSQL app that I want to add to Render.com.

I worked with poetry on a previous app listings.onrender.com and the poetry setup worked well, once I got the hang of it.

Having searched I found the following on SO here.

cat requirements.txt | xargs -I % sh -c 'poetry add "%"'

The idea here is to generate the dependencies and port them to poetry. Let’s see.

First the requirements.txt.

pip freeze > requirements.txt

Okay, that exported some, but I can tell there’s a few missing. Seems like this file is something that is supposed to be manually maintained. Who knew?

So next step is to look at dephell

Feels like a potential rabbit hole.

So what’s the easiest, fastest way…

Start a new project, copy over the files from my existing project. And run poetry install on the list of dependencies I have? And see if it works.

OK. Let’s try that. Time 01.20am.

That worked. 21 minutes. Rabbit hole avoided.

The app is now running happily on PostgreSQL in a poetry environment. Now to create the render.yaml and build.sh files.

Okay, deploying failures. It’s late more tomorrow. Time 2.39am