This post is a culmination of previous project related posts. It’s useful for me to see the needs develop and to decide when and what to implement and how I can combine the requirements into clear actions to take.

Although I chose the minima theme for it’s simplicity, it’s purpose was to present a personal writing related site. I wanted and still do want a clean experience for the writing posts and pages. The link to this code section is very underrepresented on the homepage, but I think that’s okay for now. There is a thought percolating about moving all this code related material to a separate site/domain but it’s early days yet for that. Meanwhile, there are a few things I want to learn to do in Hugo and the needs list is a good place to start.

For anyone that comes along this site in the future, that is post the changes, all the site had single column text and no sidebars, menus or links to other posts. All navigation was through the split page title links.

Next and Previous#

The number of posts has now reached a level where I think it’s high time to implement some better navigation methods. Next and previous post links showing the title of the posts at the bottom of each post.

Certificates Section#

Next mini-project here on this site is to start to put together a list of certificates and courses I’ve done. I am loath to do it in html as opposed to some kind of db solution but we’ll see.

First I want to get something visible and linkable, as I’m unhappy with the LinkedIn certificates section. Too inflexible and not customizable.

It might be as simple as creating new subsection and a matching hugo archetype for certificates. That might be the leanest way forward.

Most Recent Posts#

It’s getting to that time where I now need a better way to navigate through the site. I need to look into modding the minima theme to include a side bar.

Possible rabbit hole. :)