Vim Update#

I’m feeling more comfortable using Vim these last few days, although I admit the arrow keys are getting too much attention. Some habits are difficult to break. I’m comfortable with the commands from the first two stages, but still not feeling like I’m doing any of them without thought.

There is an occasional feeling of ‘wow’ however when I insert a line or manage a yank and put as I intended.

Burnout or hitting the wall#

I’m still undecided on this, but am paying attention to my sharpness and motivation levels. Undoubtedly there is a satisfaction in achieving a certification or and to be honest more so the feeling of an output passing a leetcode test. There is also the realization of the how much I am learning and absorbing.

But, it’s a lonely endeavour at present. Here in Valencia, Spain, there is a meetup for Python Valencia, but it hasn’t seen much activity for some time. I’m going to reach out and see if there are any events, meetups or otherwise I could attend. Like in my fiction writing a group of similarly motivated people always helps keep spirits up when the the weather is inclement.


I’ve finished the the first three courses of the four I want to do in Educative. So far, I’ve done Learn Python 3 from Scratch, Python 3: From Beginner to Advanced, and Data Structures and Algorithms in Python.

I’m currently doing Object-Oriented Programming in Python and am working to complete the Python for Programmers.

Python in the Wild#

The more videos I watch regarding getting work in Python and programming in general, the more and more I’m leaning towards starting to do some entry level projects. I haven’t yet decided on which, but am also beginning to think about where to host or show the projects. This site of course will be the hub or perhaps a distinct domain for coding….

And here-in lies the beginnings of over-whelm. Too many decisions, obstacles, options, and tasks, appearing like rungs on an infinite ladder, that I hope is going somewhere.

So, breakdown the problem into it’s constituent parts and solve for each by applying ideas of similar solutions. I’ve been building and maintaining sites for years, the hosting solution for a django site are there, I’m sure.

Next Steps#

Make contact with the Valencia Python meetup, and find out if there is something going on I can attend.

Focus on getting working through the Engineering with Utsav: Coding Roadmap and completing the Object-Oriented course.

Keep an open notebook nearby for project ideas to ferment in.

Keep up the Vim work. :)