Vim setup: The never-ending story#

Joy! I’ve gotten my Python virtual environment set up, installed Flake8() and managed to trouble-shoot a problem with the Syntastic auto-running of Flake8() on save. Thrilled.

Sure, sometimes it’s the little things that make your day or your hour, but it’s important to celebrate them all the same.

At present when I save a Python file, Flake8 runs and when I navigate to the lines with an error highlight, the specific Flake8() error is displayed below the status bar. This is perfect. When I used Flake8() in Visual Studio it just rewrote the files.

This was convenient but, while I didn’t feel I was cheating, I did feel I was cheating myself of the opportunity to learn best practices.

Much happier with this setting in my Vim set up.

Okay, onwards to TDD, now that my IDE is humming.

Some time later#

So that was a moment. I’ve since installed and setup ALE with Black and Flake8 set to run automatically upon save. After playing with spaces, tabs and trying to get rid of indentation ’errors’ for too long, I decided that auto-linting was of course the way to go.