Critique Wheel

The Critique Wheel is a free critique exchange for fiction writers.

It’s easy to use and designed to handle short fiction in chunks of up to 8,000 words.

The idea is to help writers get useful critique on their works in progress while helping others do the same.

The benefits are many, but in short it’s one of the best ways to improve your craft, gain confidence in your voice and get better and better at rewriting.

The Critique Wheel was born out of seven years experience exchanging critiques and the wish to share the benefits of our local critique group. It’s a labour of love and I’m adding features to it as I learn the skills required.

Our approach is valid for rewriting flash fiction, all the way up to a novel. Your future drafts will be better for it.

Writing is rewriting

There’s a private discord server for follow-up questions, writer’s chat and sharing tips. We celebrate each other’s successes, offer support and encouragement and allow ourselves to explore this wonderful world of words we inhabit.

Writing can hard, and rewriting can be hell, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you’re a writer of short fiction and you want to improve, I recommend trying the Critique Wheel. It’s free.