About this course

In this course aspiring writers will explore and practice ten key elements in writing publishable short fiction.

All ten sessions are online and live with the program coach.

Each session lasts 90-minutes and includes digital handouts, writing exercises and a Q&A time.

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

Week 1: Ideas to Concepts

How do initial inspirations become fully-realised short fiction?

Week 2: Character

How can we connect our readers with our characters?

Week 3: POV

Whose story is it?

Week 4: Conflict

Internal, interpersonal, external conflict

Week 5: Plot

What makes a story feel satisfying and complete?

Week 6: Setting

How can we use relevant description and avoid narrative slack?

Week 7: Dialogue

Speech Tags, Beats and Faking Real Dialogue

Week 8: Rewriting

How can we use and give critique to hone our rewriting?

Week 9: Naming your Story

How can we choose a title that fits?

Week 10: Editing

How do we recognise what to cut and what to keep?

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Handouts will be provided digitally during the meeting.

If you want to start bridging the gap between the stories in your head and your story on the page, this course is for you.