Github Actions SSH Setup

As a reminder for my future self and anyone that might find it useful, here’s a quick look at setting up ssh for GitHub actions.

Github Actions CI/CD Docker Linode VPS Test

Goal The goal here is to setup a local development dockerized python project that utilises CI/CD to my linode VPS.

Linode VPS Site Recovery - Portainer

Problem Statement: After an update of the VPS server using apt update && apt upgrade nothing worked.

Python Health Checks

I recently finished the Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate course on Coursera.

Advanced Regular Expressions

Capturing Groups Say we want to do more than just print or return a match, but instead want to use the result and/or manipulate it.

Regular Expressions

A powerful tool for my IT toolbox. A search query of text using a string.

Django Templates

Using the django-admin startporject --template flag, I wanted to create my projects with a lot of the tedious work already done.