Binary searching has been a difficult learning curve for me. It didn’t immediately click, so I’ve been doing a series of tutorials on youtube. This playlist is excellent.

So far, I’ve gotten my head around the binary Search itself, Find Closest NUmber, FInd fixed Point, Find Bitonic Peak, Find First Occurrence.

Later I went through and studied Bisect Method, Square Root and Cyclically Shifted Array.

The link to the github code samples is here and I highly recommend the series. It’s really helped me develop a deeper understanding of Binary Search in particular and it’s many applications.

Vim again#

Today also marks my return to Vim. I started learning to use Vim in 2021 when I was working on the Critique Wheel but learning to use Vim as I was learning to code in C# and doing so in Visual Studio Code, which was also new to me, seemed well, overwhelming. I did take some good notes, though so I’m happy to return and get up to some level of not complete discomfort almost immediately.

Upwork Account#

My new Upwork profile is active. I decided to start tying out for some small gigs to get some experience under my belt. Let’s see how it goes. So far, it included a moment of realizing that I’m unexperienced and under qualified, so I continued, set up my account, balked at the bio section and published.

The process was a little like doing these posts. Learn by doing. It’ll be revisited many times, but each time I’ll attempt to make it just 1% better.