Poetry and Django#

So poetry is up and running. Django is up and running, and I’ve added a simple listing app into the Django project.

Next is setting a homepage. But there is a niggling thought that surely there’s a way to script all the necessary little additions of go to this file and do this, then do this, if you know what I mean.

I get that there’s a process, but it seems like for any startapp command, there are a few steps that could be automated. Once I’ve done it a dozen or more so times, I suppose I’ll be able to recognize this as something doable or already done, or just novice user ignorance. I’ll add it here once I know one way or another. #TODO

For the moment though, it’s onwards to the Homepage setup.

Okay, after changing the wrong urls.py file I got that working.

Note to self: I have to admit here that building the critique wheel project feels daunting. The thought of going through all that again… Well the idea here is to get to that point, quickly, efficiently, and with a new level of confidence.

Some time later…#

Okay, I’m getting it, I think.

For each new page, from the back out, there needs to be a url reference in the app’s urls.py, and a view refernece in the app’s view.py together with a html template in the templates folder under of the app in a folder of the same name.

This is a kind of namespace methodology. In this respect, I do prefer the C# method, but that’s another story.