Start here#

As of today, I’ve been re-experimenting with programming for 13 months.

This is the first blog post on the topic of my coding experiences. I’ve no doubt this layout will develop and mature as I add content.

I hope it serves as a useful resource for anyone that stumbles across it.

This Site#

This site itself is built using Hugo, a static site generator written in Go. I don’t know Go and Hugo doesn’t require any deep programming skills. The documentation and community is great and it’s free.

This site uses a neat trick of a git submodule to continuously update the live version wth any changes.

It also uses SASS via gulp, which is really useful to have running with a live preview of any CSS changes.

My biggest programming project to date has been the Critique Wheel written in C#. Once the site is redone, I think I’ll be looking at integrating C# and python into some project.

note: The above internal link in Hugo uses the following code to create a relative link to another page:

[My biggest programming project to date](/code/critique_wheel_csharp/)