Hugo Section: A different look and feel.#

I though that in order to set a different look and feel for a Hugo section, I’d create a folder in the current theme layout folder with the same name as the section. In my case that’s code.

The theme I’m interested in using and adapting is Book or Geekdoc but both require the extened Hugo version. I don’t know what that will do to my main site and SASS setup with gulp, so I’m steering clear of that for now.

Instead, I’m going to try out Cupper using the git command from the root directory of my site. Once it’s in place I’ll try move it over to my section folder and see what happens.

Before I do, I check my git status and make sure I’ve pushed and pulled everything. That way I’ll have a rollback point.

Let’s see what happens.

> Nope didn't like that.

Rabbit Hole Warning#

I saw a few themes I liked, and decided to try upgrade my Hugo version, and my Go version. Rabbit hole.

So I discovered that my homebrew was outdated. I hadn’t updated in a while and not since I upgraded the OS to Monterey.

I tried updating mac ports. Nope. Then brew, tired brew doctor and saw instructions to upgrade xcode. That’s still happening.

Images insertion in Hugo#

30 mins later…

Gave me time to edit the screen shot in Gimp

Xcode upgrade

Needed to look up how to do that with alt text.

![Xcode upgrade](/images/xcode-install-2022-6-15.png "That was more involved.")

A future task will be to write some CSS to work on blockquote. That’ll come after the theme decisions. Function first.

> Don't believe in the estimated time of downloads.

One minute and 42 seconds left. The tension rises as the time runs out, and then stops and then increases.

Xcode downloaded

Not sure I should be running updates from the terminal and from the system preferences panes at the same time. Fingers crossed the Apple techs taught of this mayhem when testing.

User and Writer Friendly Theme#

I looked for a theme that I feel would reflect a little the idea of this blog and also give me reign to play wth it a little if I needed to. But right now, the goal is to get a nice clean, user and writer friendly theme up and running in this section.

This one is great. Whisper but it requires Hugo Pipelines.

No. Wait.

This is the one. Eureka. I installed using git submodules.

git submodule add themes/eureka

Now the commits are getting hairy.

Downloaded no problems. The theme is now siting in my themes folder, but that’s not where I want it. I’m going to do a dirty copy and paste of the single.html and see what happens.