Question: If I just copy the template?#

What happens if I just copy the single.html into the layout/code folder?

This is what happens, which in hindsight makes sense.

First response

I copied over the partial in question and plonked it into the same sub-folder. That didn’t work.

I tried copying over the partials, editing the references in the template but without knowing what I’m doing I don’t know ifI’m getting closer or not to a solution or just digging a hole.

Am off to read up on the docs from, but tomorrow, it’s 2.36am and I teach at 9.

Seven hours later…

A break in class and I’ve found this useful hugo discourse thread. The solution proposed is to add the template foo.html file to the section folder, and using layout: foo parameter in the front matter of the items in the folder.

I copied the single.html and updated the front matter to the following:

title: "Hugo Section Theme 002"
date: 2022-06-15T02:16:41+02:00
draft: false
showthedate: true
showtoc: true
description: "This is part two of me trying to setup a distinct theme for a subsection of this Hugo site "
tags: ["Design"]
categories: ["Hugo"]
layout: "single.html"

That doesn’t work.

Suffice to say, that after a few video tutorials, a number of blog posts, and a few stackoverflow searches there appears to be two solutions.

  1. Rewrite the existing theme to coexist with the current theme. (major time investment and super interested in developing what would essentially be a frankenstein theme of my own creation, but… time and focus.)

  2. Create a second Hugo site, and have it publish into my existing public folder. This will require another git repo or submodule and less time to do. But also.. time.

Key take away, a different theme running on a section of a Hugo site is doable, but it’s not my core concern. Best and quickest solution, might just be to put together an alternative single.html file, maybe single_with_frills.html to display a sidebar of recent posts and a breadcrumb/menu in the code section pages. That’ll have to do.

In that way I can avoid some of the potential nightmares of CSS blackholes and inconsistencies across the site.

Simple is best. If you see a side bar on this page in the future you know I got it working. #TODO