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Python Project Ideas

Projects for Python Use There are a plethora of project suggestions on the webs, but I’m keen to try something of my own, that has immediate impact on what I’m working on.

Site Design Update

Adding Some Flair I was unhappy with the functionality of the standard list page of the minima theme.

Taking Stock

Vim Update I’m feeling more comfortable using Vim these last few days, although I admit the arrow keys are getting too much attention.

Vim Commands

Too Many Vim Commands Getting back into Vim again and decided this time to take it slower and get the basics well in place before I try and incorporate too many commands.

Binary Search Extended

Binary Search Recommended Youtube Playlist Binary searching has been a difficult learning curve for me.

Binary Search

Binary Search The divide and conquer search method. Linear Search The sequential searching through all data entries one by until until we find a match.

Hashing First Steps

Tentative steps. Today, I took some first tentative steps into understanding Hash tables:

Site Projects June 19th

This post is a culmination of previous project related posts. It’s useful for me to see the needs develop and to decide when and what to implement and how I can combine the requirements into clear actions to take.

Binary Search Tree

Definition A binary search tree (BST) is a tree data structure in which nodes are arranged according to the following property.

Level Order Traversal Binary Tree

Definition Level Order traversal is a breath first transversal. The traversal starts at the root and explores all the nodes at the same depth prior to moving onto the next depth level.

Depth Order Traversals: Binary Tree

Tree Traversals (Preorder, Inorder and Postorder) From the root of a binary tree, traverse deeper before going laterally.

Binary Tree Terms

Binary Tree Terms A tree has a root and leaves.

Site Projects - June 17th

Certificates Section Next mini-project here on this site is to start to put together a list of certificates and courses I’ve done.

Arrays Educative

Finished the Arrays section I’ve been working through the Data Structures and Algorithms course on Educative to develop my python skills.

PlantUML: First Attempts

Let’s try out PlantUML PlantUML seems at first glance somewhat similar to Mermaid but with a wider function list.

Mermaid: First Attempts

Mermaid setup. Really basic first effort. I created a shortcodes folder under my theme layouts folder, adn there created a mermaid.

Hugo Section Theme 3

Okay so that’s better. A simpler approach worked. I got playing with a copy of my primary *.

Hugo Section Theme 2 (didn't work)

Question: If I just copy the template? What happens if I just copy the single.

Hugo Section Theme (didn't work)

Hugo Section: A different look and feel. I though that in order to set a different look and feel for a Hugo section, I’d create a folder in the current theme layout folder with the same name as the section.

Critique Wheel C#

Raison d’être o el porque I built and deployed the Beta version of the critique wheel site in response to a need for the fiction writers in my writing groups to get faster and more actionable critiques on their short stories.

First Commit

Start here As of today, I’ve been re-experimenting with programming for 13 months.