Vale Lint Setup

Vale Prose Linting With sphinx up and running, the next step is getting the prose linter setup and configured.

Sphinx Complete but not Finished

Ok. If you’re following along with the series, you should have a nice looking documentation site.

Sphinx in Markdown

From my previous post, sphinx appears to be just another static site generator.

Sphinx Setup

Sphinx: Setup I’m interested in building a useful documentation pipeline and will use it initially on these blog posts.

Documentation: Intentions

It’s time to start my first big personal python project. I’ve put in the hours (and hours) in tutorials, build out a few apps, some simple some more complex, contributed to open source, and joined and contributed to a variety of python related groups.

Docker First Look

What is Docker? “DockerĀ isĀ an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications.

Mkdocs: First Look

MkDocs Getting Started MKDocs is a documentation oriented static website builder using a single .