Orange Belt

It’s been a busy few weeks. The Pybites community and coding platform has seen about 90% of my Python time over the past four weeks.

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Slack Community So I’ve been hanging out in the PyBites Slack Community for a few weeks.

Summer of Code

The Last Week of August August is a funny month in Spain.

Vim as Python IDE

Vim setup: The never-ending story Joy! I’ve gotten my Python virtual environment set up, installed Flake8() and managed to trouble-shoot a problem with the Syntastic auto-running of Flake8() on save.

Test Driven Development: First Steps

Test Driven Development (A cure for Refactor-phobia) There is an entire C# application running at CritiqueWheel.

Back at It

Sometimes it takes more than Motivation Lessons learned: It’s so easy to fall out of practice A short break, to catch up on some reading, a delve into some other interests and lo-and-behold I felt almost back at stage one when I tried to do a Leetcode exercise

Keeping at it

The last week It’s been a strange week. My regular job has dwindled to a minimum and with the extra time comes extra worry about income.